Corsi di Formazione

Corsi di Formazione

A knowledge of the biological cycles and production processes of the truffle seedlings, the transformation and pres­ervation of truffles by Urbani Tartufi to rediscover the ancient trades linked to local customs;

A knowledge of the territory to make users aware of the relationship between man and the rural environment via the organisation of visits to cultivations, truffle plantations and the Truffleland equipment, a truffle hunt with dogs and expert truffle hunters, a visit to the surrounding places of naturalistic interest, with the activities concluding at the Accademia del Tartufo Urbani for a general training on the use of the truffle in international cuisine.

A knowledge of the natural truffle envi­ronment, of the woods, mountains, fauna and wild flora, of resource, landscape and rural tradition management, of rural and artistic crafts, of productive and social models via an in-depth knowledge of the historical-cultural heritage of the truffle, a truffle hunt with skilled dogs and expert truffle hunters.

A specific course for future truffle growers, in-depth training for users, who wish to become active in the field of truffle cultivation. All the secrets for successful, planted truffle grounds and the basic prin­ciples of how to use the truffles harvested