A history of truffle cultivation

The idea of growing truffles is very old and although it is difficult to establish the precise date this cultivation began, it is interesting, nevertheless, to take a look at the fundamental stages and see how it has evolved over time. According to Ceruti (1986), truffle cultivation is divided into four main eras: FIRST ERA […]

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The lunar phases and the truffle

There is a very old tradition in our area, the Valnerina, which still follows the lunar calendar, the “moon phase almanac”, based on the experience of the old truffle hunters and fungi collectors. Although scientists in the sector do not appear to have much faith in it, “the lunar calendar” continues to be followed to […]

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Pre-planting interventions

Shrub Clearing Both shrubs and trees must be removed to facilitate the work, to give more space for the plantation, but above all because some species could be mycorrhized with fungi already present in the soil and therefore be a source of inoculation of competitor fungi. Before touching the shrubs and/or trees, it is good [...]

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Scientific research department: everyone’s duty

From the moment the idea of Truffleland first appeared, we felt it our precise duty to develop our scientific research. A priceless heritage of knowledge, which must be hand­ed down, but which also needs to be developed. Beware of those who promise and talk of cultivated plants of Tuber Magnatum Pico: they do not exist. […]

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Corsi di Formazione

The truffle A knowledge of the biological cycles and production processes of the truffle seedlings, the transformation and pres­ervation of truffles by Urbani Tartufi to rediscover the ancient trades linked to local customs; Truffle hunting A knowledge of the territory to make users aware of the relationship between man and the rural environment via the [...]

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